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Scope and the characteristics
Find the scope and the characteristics of the services we offer, as well as the requirements, the clauses, the insurances, the terms of delivery, the minimum sizes and weights.

You may 
download these requirements as well.

Our company is not only a forwarding company, but can offer to you a full range of solutions in the area of transport and forwarding. Entirely based on your unique needs as a client, our team is ready to quickly, accurately, correctly and confidently satisfy the most specific requirements. The specific character of the activity supposes individual approach and quick solutions of any case and order.

The services that we offer are:
1. The custom finalization of packages for: import, export, temporary import and export, reimport and reexport and other regimes;
2. Custom warehousing – including changing property;
3. Custom transit in the country / warranty for transit and floating charge/;
4. International transport and forwarding;
5. Custom consultations;
6. Intrastat services;
7. Cargo insurance in first class insurer;
8. Intermediation with enter into an agreement with the organization of reclaiming the scraps “Bulecopack” AD;

The company has all the necessary resources to accomplish:
1. Air carrier for rent
2. Internal transport;
3. Logistic services;
4. Distribution – internal and international
5. Warehousing and safe-keeping of full set, unite and air shipments, including those who are under custom control in Airport Sofia in warehouse type “A”, free warehouse areas and temporary warehouse;
6. System for specific document processing, consistent with the new custom law;
7. Open bank guaranty for the movement of goods under custom control;
8. Management and monitoring at the transportation of the packages to every destination;
9. Express delivery from door to door everywhere in the country;
10. Flexible decisions, package services and individual treatment for every specific case.

Our professional team works for our customers, giving them competently consulting service for all questions in each activities connected with her transport and customs documents.

Email: office@velitcourier.com


Company activities  
You may download the electronic version of our activity at the following link
presentation (pdf)

The Company Velit Courier offers a variety of additional services, based on the direct demands of our clients:

- Buying flowers, gifts, tickets etc.
- A return receipt for courier services
- Special shipments (fragile, with tº regime, over 20 kg for one parcel etc.
- Fixed hour of delivery
- Cash on delivery
- Sojourn of the courier
- Shipment pick-up in off-days
- Late orders (till 8.00 p.m.)
- Groupages (5 and more shipments submitted at once from one and the same address to addresses within the 1st zone)
- Distribution of invitations, congratulation cards, advertising materials, posters etc.


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